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Presentation Formats

35mm Film - Composite Optical Soundtrack or Silent (No Mag) 16mm Film - Composite Optical Soundtrack or Silent (No Mag) Video Tape - PAL ONLY! - DigiBeta, BetaSP, MiniDV, VHS Disks- PAL ONLY! - DVD & VCD ONLY. RE:Non-English Dialogue -To be eligible for inclusion in the official Selections the work must have subtitles in English if the work contains a significant amount of non-English dialogue. Please Note: We would like to take delivery of your exhibition print, tape or DVD at our address by June 28, of the year


Feature, Experimental, Documentary, Short Subject, and Animation
Preview tape format:
Entries must be submitted on VCD OR DVD (clearly indicate on your tape which format you’re used) VHS tapes will be retained by AIFF.

Screening Formats:
Film: 35mm, 16mm
Video (NTSC ONLY): Digi-Beta, Beta, DV, DVCam, MiniDV, DVD, VCD
Eligibility Requirements:

All films must be in English or with English subtitles.
Running Time
Feature (narrative): no less than 45 minutes
Short film: less than 30 minutes
Documentary, Animation and Experimental: no limitations.

Completion Date
Projects submitted to the Festival must have been completed before June 30 of every year
Submission Deadlines:
The AIFF encourages entrants to submit their work as early as possible:
Final Submission: Posted by June 30 of every year
Filmmakers selected for the competition will be notified by August 31 of every year.

Deadlines & Materials
If your film is selected, you should (if possible) provide the following by:
Sept. 13, of every year:
Press kits, including photos (2 or more kits)
Posters / Postcards and other available publicity material
By Sept. 13, of every year:
The screening copy in the format checked. Video, tapes MUST be in the PAL format. 35mm prints must be sent to be screened if it is what you checked.
Abuja International Film Festival
Competition Categories
Regarding the Competition
Films, video and digital works will be judged on an equal footing. This competition is about how well your ideas are communicated on the screen more so than how high the production value. We think that the grittiest video can be conceptually well crafted and be more interesting than the prettiest 35mm film.
The duration’s are divided at the 30 minute mark for “features” and “shorts”.
The categories
Feature Narrative Competition (over 45 mins.)
Short Narrative Competition (3 mins to 30 mins.)
Really short Narrative Competition (1sec. To 3 mins.)
Documentary Feature Competition (over 45 mins.)
Documentary Short Competition (1 sec. To 30 mins.)
Experimental Competition (1 sec. To 120 mins.)
Animated Short Competition (1 sec. To 45 mins.)

Please keep us appraised of any changes to your e-mail address. If your work is accepted for jury selection you, the entrant, will be responsible for delivering your exhibition print or video to the festival address or directly to the festival. If you have indicated that your work is in 35mm format and it is accepted, you must deliver this format to the Festival. Any other format will cause your work not to be exhibited. Your submission is an acknowledgement that the Festival its agents or trustees, cannot be held responsible for damage or loss resulting from public exhibition or return mail or any other possible unforeseen circumstances.
There are no refunds.
Entry tape must be postmarked by June 30 of every year.
Regarding Prize: Each category will have a trophy for Audience Award and other trophies and “Best of” awards as designated by the festival organizers.
Mailing Instructions:

Please include all of the following with your submission:
Your completed entry form.
A PAL VHS videocassette.
A reproducible photo or still from the film or video.
Synopsis of the film and a brief anecdote from your experience on the production.
Brief Bios of Director, producer and major cast.
Additional Information:
The entry limit is three (3) works. A separate entry form must accompany each work if you enter more than one work.
IMPORTANT!!! Use a plastic bubble-mailing package. Fiber packages always tear during shipping and fill your tape with dust.