The Nigerian Film Perspective

·Abuja International Film Festival

The Abuja international film festival would afford the Abuja auephiles an opportunity to experience a feast of top films from around the world; fresh films with cutting edge approaches to the Cinematic art of story telling, most of which are proudly, premiere screenings in Nigeria.
The festival is a four- (4) day event with workshops and panel discussion featuring local and international filmmakers. Abuja has over the course of the last one-year demonstrated positive moves towards stimulating the film industry in this city and in this region.
The festival thus has an expanded programme of panel discussions and workshops, an ambit of screening venues, the enriching presence of filmmakers, and of course a fantastic array of films which all contribute towards ensuring that the Abuja International film festival is a Cinematic celebration to remember.
See Abuja International film festival Guidelines.


The growing interest and popularity of the video phenomenon in the Nigeria cannot be ignored considering the huge production capacity of video feature films by Nigerian independent filmmaker. Nollywood as the Industry is referred generates an annual revenue base of over 45billion naira ($36million Dollar) as Industry. It also employs over 300,000 personnel in different field of filmmaking.
Recently, the FAD has been patronage of Nigerian movies by African’s, African American’s, West Indies , blacks and other nationalities.

The nollywood film has produced its own stars that can be compared to the hollywood stars and these acts are revered all over Africa and countries where these films have penetrated.… this trend cuts across language barrier as the growing interest is to make the nollywood film a global phenomenon..

The need for the promotion of this trend has necessitated the formation of the London Festival of Nollywood films, which is basically an avenue to showcase and promote the richly endowed talents from nollywood through an annual festival of film screenings.

As we are aware Nollywood is ironically an offshoot of a continent where conflict and poverty is endemic. The potentials of film becomes enormous as Its development will however require strategic initiatives and careful planning by stakeholders and practitioners in the industry .… therefore the festival shall have interactive discourse via r seminars and panel discussions to apprise issues that can contribute to the development of the industry. The maiden edition of the festival shall be in June 2007. therefore welcome of the London Festival of Nollywood Films.

Annual Nollywood Movie Summit

The Annual Nigerian movie summit is basically an initiative of the Naija film festival organisation. The submit will bring together an array of Nigerian filmmakers and stakeholders to discuss and initiate solutions to the development, promotion and protection of the continents Cinematic Industry.
An important element of the submit will be daily public forums where local and visiting film experts will introduce and contextualise discussions for four (4) days.
These seminars will:
Explore ways to accelerate the development of film industries across Nigeria
Stimulate film literacy in local populations.
Address challenges of language
Examine entry barriers to the industry
Unfold ideas for exchange between the far-flung countries on this continent.
Discuss mechanism of bringing film into the mainstream economic life of Nigeria.
The importance of film in shaping and expressing cultural identity.
Developing the commercial viability of Nigerian film - the role of NEPAD.
Nigerian Approaches of issues of production
Film for All: Development in Nigeria.